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Best fermented coffee, Ruwa & Star Lu Bean
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The true taste of coffee that wakes up

The fermented coffee has woken up with advanced flavors and flavors that are hidden in the coffee.The deeper taste, the scent of chocolate, will wipe out the stigma of coffee.

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The best quality coffee beans

Fermented coffee beans are fermented fermented coffee beans.Especially, I prefer quality coffee.Here’s why we’re the best.

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Reduced caffeine

The process of fermentation reduces the amount of caffeine in the coffee industry.Up to twenty percent!Sleep away from the bitter night when you can’t sleep with caffeine.Aspirin, a small brand of caffeine, protects you.

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90 % Choice! Fermented Coffee

In the last 2015, 500 competitors were selected for the blind, and the overwhelming 90 % of the participants chose the coffee.If you taste it, you’ll know.Why is it fermented coffee?

Gangneung, Fermented coffee, Good

Try to get a taste of fermented coffee!

  • Your taste buds and your taste buds, and you should enjoy them!

  • It is produced only as high grade Arabica species, not Robusta. We also have fermented and roasted only the finest specialty beans.

  • Fermented coffee, 'Star Rubin' is recognized in the local, Coffe luwak best coffee (civet cat coffee) is a perfect reproduction.

  • By fermentation, the flavors of coffee saengdu and the cause of insomnia decreased.Feel free to enjoy it!

Praise the taste of those who taste!

Those who've tried it know.Why it is fermented coffee!


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